Client Testimonials:

Over the years, Russ has built a fine reputation. Here's what a few of his former business associates have to say...

"Russ makes it sound so easy and he's a pleasure to work with." — David S. Vianello, Creative Services Director, WABC-TV, New York.

"I've had Russ voice sports features, sports shows, soft reads, hard reads, emotional reads and he delivers! He can give you any kind of read imaginable and has the voice to back it up. A voice that is second to none." — Lowell Thaler, Thaler Media Inc., Palm Beach, Fl.

"In the seven years plus I have know Russ Offenbach, it has been my pleasure to work with him at several facilities and on countless projects, commercials, and television shows. He has an emotional range and depth matched by no other voice voice professional I've worked with. He is capable of delivering high energy sales, sports and news one minute and heart pulling emotional narrative the next. Perhaps Russ' most valuable asset is his ability to give a producer exactly what is prescribed, and quickly. I value Russ greatly as a business asset and recommend you consider him for your next project." — Tom Lewis, Senior Audio Engineer, PGA Tour Productions, St. Augustine, Fl.

"Russ is the consummate professional. I've been working with him since 1993 and never once have I been disappointed in the quality of his work, his fun and professional demeanor, and his willingness to work with clients to make the best product possible. He is one of the best!" — Andrew W. Taylor, Audio Engineer, PGA Tour Productions, St. Augustine, Fl.

"Listen for yourself and you will hear Russ' talent as an announcer with a voice and a delivery that cuts through the clutter. But what further sets Russ apart from the pack is his willingness to work with producers to give them the read they want, when they want it. That combination of talent and professionalism is rare to find." — Cecilia Adams, Marketing and Promotions Manager, WFMY News2, Greensboro, North Carolina.

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